Frequently Asked Questions
How do I submit my child for consideration?

8x10 Models accepts submissions by either emailing us the required info or completing an online submission form. We request pictures (headshot and body shot) and measurements, along with a short bio letter. We want to hear all about your child and his or her skills. Click on Become a Model for more details and to send an online submission.
How will I know if 8x10 Models is interested in representing my child?

Once we have received your child's submission, we will then contact you via email or by phone to discuss meeting for an interview. Please expect 1-2 weeks before hearing back.
What will the interview consist of?

The interview is a 10-30 min one-on-one meeting with you and your child. We ask that parents do NOT bring siblings to the interview. We will then get to know your child and, with your permission, take pictures. We want to see how your child photographs which will give us a better idea of how he or she might do in future photo shoots with clients. From there we will then let you know if we would like to offer representation.
Does my child need any past experience as a model?

NO! 8x10 Models is here to help teach and guide your child on how to be a successful model in the San Francisco market. We don't provide classes but we have the knowledge and background to help your child become a "booker"!
Do we need professional pictures in order to submit or be represented?

NO! Your child does NOT need professional pictures when submitting to 8x10, but getting professional pictures is encouraged and discussed when representation is offered. PICTURES ARE EVERYTHING IN THIS INDUSTRY!!
Does It Cost Anything?

NO! A legitimate modeling agency should never charge you. Only a commission is collected if 8x10 Models books your child on a job. This is industry standard.
Is anything required of my child by law before booking jobs if they're under 18 years old?

YES! After your child's been offered representation, 8x10 will provide information on how to obtain an Entertainment Work Permit and Coogan Account. Both are required by the state of California in order to work in this Industry.

Work Permit- Every child under the age of 18 must have a valid work permit in order to book or work on a job. If your child is in school, he or she must have a C grade point average or higher in order to be eligible. This is a free letter from the state of California giving your child permission to work in the Entertainment Industry.

Coogan Account- This is a private account setup at your local bank to protect your childs funds until he or she turns 18 years of age. The money can NOT be touched by a parent/or guardian or even your child until they have reached the legal age. We encourage parents to deposit 15% of their child's earnings per check in to the account.